Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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Hiring an Attorney for Your Motorcycle Accident


If you are a motorcycle rider that has been injured in an accident, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is very important. You should never try to handle a serious accident case on your own. But that is doubly true if you were in an accident while riding a bike.


The laws are supposed to be unbiased. But we all know that while the law may be unbiased, people are not and it is people who interpret the laws and pass judgment based on the laws. Injured motorcyclists have an especially steep hill to climb because people can sometimes be very biased against those who choose to ride motorcycles.


Motorcycle riders have a reputation for being risky, daredevils and they are often associated with street gangs. However, the average motorcyclist is far from those stereotypes. But because there is a stereotype attached to motorcyclists, juries and judges can sometimes be affected by that and it can sway the way they see the facts in the case. Learn more about lawyers here at


In addition, to bias, a lot of drivers have animosity toward bike riders. Cars and truck outnumber motorcycles by a huge number. Automobile drivers think that the road belongs to them. Because motorcycles are much smaller than cars, if you're not being observant you might not see them. When automobiles drivers almost get into accidents with motorcycle riders because of the lack of care, they often blame the motorcyclists because they feel as if they don't belong on the road anyway.


Not to mention, in nearly every major city, you can bet that there is a group of individuals who are trying to ban motorcycle riding because of the noise. The bottom line is, motorcyclists get a lot of hate and this can taint cases. So, it is important that you hire a lawyer who specifically represents motorcyclists as opposed to a general auto accident attorney. Click here for the best attorneys near you.


If you need a motorcycle lawyer, you should talk to other riders first. Usually motorcycle clubs have a lawyer that is associated with the group, often another member. If you don't know of any motorcycle clubs in your area, you can always check online. There are tons of forums and websites aimed and motorcycle enthusiasts and you are sure to find the name of a good lawyer on one of them. However, you may not be able to find one in your area. One place you can surely find a motorcycle lawyer from this homepage in your area is your local bar association.